My Story:

Hey there. It's a pleasure meeting you. 

I've been told by someone I have a strategic mind and a creative soul. I high-fived that person. 

I'm passionate about how technology has opened the world in a limitless way. I believe that advertising and storytelling has yet to fully utilize the digital landscape and I want to be a part of that movement. 

I apply a user-centric and business-mindful exploration to every initiative that I'm tasked with. In the end, advertising is not about what we, ad-people, like but what users want and how we can fulfill that desire to best achieve our client's business objectives. 

Let's journey on and try.

Learn more about me in a non-digital presence, my resume: click here to read.


The Cementbloc is a creative force in the healthwellness communications industry -- pushing boundaries and sparking innovation.

As a senior account manager working on multichannel projects with global brands such as BMS, Pfizer, Salix, BDSI, & Sobi, I've had the opportunity to build belief for our clients' brands and grow their business strategically and creatively.

But don't let the idea of pharma scare you away, I'm a harbinger of innovative thinking regardless of industry. 

Project highlights include:

  • patient & healthcare professional websites
  • web-platform management + iteration 
  • 3D hologram video presentation
  • iPad visual aids
  • patient-targeted videos
  • direct mail/ email campaigns
  • analytics/metrics reports
  • global branding photo shoot + branding guide
  • integrated convention booths
  • extensive consumer and physician print materials

While finishing school at the University of Florida in 2012, I joined forces with three of the most talented advertising students in the game to create an advertising and design agency. We saw a void in our local community for creative advertising solutions, so we created Garage Agency & Co.

We helped various local small and medium businesses as well as student organizations be bolder, more innovative, and truly boundless. I put my entreprenurial skills to the test and I'd shamelessly say that we were a force to reckon with. 


Garage agency.png

Here are my current favorite activities, side-projects, art, and things that inspire me.